A Bloody Long Period

It’s so nice to see young minds thinking, talking about issues so relevant ,so close to our hearts and bodies
Let’s create awareness ,let’s be the voice of change …


The last time the Standards for Sanitary Napkins were updated was in 1980.[1] It has been a near forty years since anyone checked up on the manufacturing standards of the product and that is a bloody long period of time.

Out of the 355 million menstruating women in the country[2], around 12% use a Sanitary Pad. [3]
The product that educated urban women prefer and the product that rural women are being encouraged to use.

When a consumer goes to buy something from the market, they usually go through the alternatives according to their need before making a rational decision and making the purchase.

If you are a woman and reading this, how many times have you checked the details of your usual Sanitary Pads?
The expiry date?
Does it even have an expiry date?

If you are a man reading this and there is a single…

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